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28 May 2018

Work in progress 'Mini abstract series' final

Yes I finished, the dots were very random and the shapes not planned.... I did wonder if I should have a theme or pattern throughout but once I started, this is what came out. Tomorrow I will add a clearer photo in the gallery section below.

27 May 2018

Work in progress 'Mini abstract series' 4

The balancing act begins.  Black, yellow and back to white. Almost there....

Work in progress 'Mini abstract series' 3

Time for my other fav metalic, bronze.  However I may have overdone it with the white so will put some black and other colors back in when they dry.

Work in progress ‘Mini abstract series’ 2

I do like the silver paint though the photo doesn't do it justice.   Once dried I added yellow.  Since these canvases are small i think I need to be careful not to make them too busy.

Work in progress ‘Mini abstract series’ 1

I decided to do a series of mini abstracts, painting all 6 canvases at once. My first thought for a theme was 'shadow and light' and/or moon phases.... will see how they progress. Starting with a black base for all canvases.


11 February 2018

Work in progress 'Untitled abstract' final again

I don't often touch a painting once it's finished and signed but I had a look at this with fresh eyes todays and decided it needed a bit more.....  a touch of blue and gold dots in the top corners, feels like it balances the larger circles on the left. 

Work in progress 'Untitled abstract' final

Apparently I wasn't completely done with the layers, so a bit more gold and now yeh, done.

Light's not the best at 1am so will try and take a better pic in the daylight for the gallery section.  Still not sure of a name though, will have to sit with it for a while.  For now, night night.

10 February 2018

Work in progress 'Untitled abstract' 7

Lots of progress today, the warm weather helping it dry quicker and having a 'me' day helps.

I felt some of the colours needed to be sharpened so back with the gold, blue, while, yellow and brown.

So after going bank of forth on the thought of 'cleaning' up sections because they looked muddy, i just did it so back with the blue and i'm finally happy the layers are done......