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Side note (Feb 2015): unfortunately I some how managed to delete most of the photos in my blogs. I have updated the gallery at the end but some of the blog posts are gone.

11 July 2010

work in progress 'Animation-berry good' Final

Some small additions since take 2. I faded in at the start and out at the end and also wanted to add some music. I tried it with the intro to the Gorillaz ‘Kids with guns’ and to Suzanne Vega’s ‘Tom’s dinner’ which I both liked…………but, not quite sure how the copy right laws etc work I didn’t want to risk it. So, your stuck with me humming…….or ‘do do doing’ as it were.

Berry good: Final

work in progress 'Animation-berry good' 3

After playing a while I added a watercolor effect to the strawberry and tittles at the start and end.... still not quite done yet though.

This is 'berry good: take 2'.

work in progress 'Animation-berry good' 2

Yes with the help of Windows Movie maker, here is take one of 'berry good'............. all 11 seconds of it.

'Berry good: Take 1'.

time to play a bit more and make it look a bit 'prettier'.

work in progress 'Animation-berry good' 1

I had thought for a while to try my hand at some animation and today seems to be the
day. I was going to use one my cartoon characters, an owl or penguin (which is my profile pic) but I’ve decided to use something more simple to begin with so I didn’t have to worry
about expressions and body movement. The choice, the strawberry…….. Chosen, well because I like strawberries and I came across a picture I draw a while ago.

The idea is simply to have it look as if it’s been eaten away. Anyone that knows anything about animation knows how time consuming it is..... so a few ridiculous hours later (even though the pic is so simple) and 56 templates later, it's time for Windows Media player.

10 July 2010

work in progress 'tree'

This is a simple work in progress, showing some small steps in order to enhance one of my photos.

The original photo taken at the Dandenong’s (VIC, Aust). You can see fire has hollowed out the tree. I liked the contrast in colours from the black wood and green re-growth and the fact that even after the fire the trees have continued to grow strong.

FIRST:I like the framing of the pic so am not going to crop anything but find the colours a bit dull and flat.

SECOND: I enhanced the photo a little by bringing out the colours a bit so they weren't as flat. I think the greens and browns are more bright now.

THIRD: I enhanced the contrast a little so to show of the play of light more and obviously to enhance the contrast more between the light and dark colours.

FOURTH: I actually liked the photo after the third step but I wanted to make it look a bit more mystical, like fairies could live in the hollowed out tree. To do this I added a bit of soft glow affect to make the light/white.... well softer and luminescent.

FIFTH: even though it was contrast of colours from green, brown and black that I like, I was curious to see how this would look in black and white.

So colour or black or white? My final choice is in the Gallery section.