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11 December 2016

Work in progress 'embrace the truth' final

...and I'm done.  I ended up with eyes closed again.  Feels more peaceful that way.  Need to sit with this one a bit, one to decide if I like it and two to work out what the truth is?

Final version in the gallery section at the end soon. 

Work in progress 'embrace the truth' 4

Shading shading and more shading..maybe too much shading but erase that now can I.

Work in progress 'embrace the truth' 3

The theme being 'speaking the truth', todays colours are blue - representing the throat  chakra.  I decided to add green for the heart chakra... speaking the truth i feel comes from the heart... in this case that's what i'm feeling.

Work in progress 'embrace the truth' 2

And the outline begins.  Keeping with the similar style from 'the embrace' but with more of the figure showing....and this time with the eyes open. 


Work in progress 'embrace in the truth' 1

Inspired again by the Chakra Mindset cards, this time 'Speak the Truth which I have actually randomly picked for the last 4 nights in a row...mmmm

03 December 2016

Work in progress 'the embrace' final

...and I'm done.  I wasn't quite sure if I liked it at the start but I think the black lines actually helps it pop a bit more from a distance (i.e. see second photo).

As always I'll put the final larger version in the Gallery section at the end of the posts. 

Work in progress 'the embrace' 3

Almost done, I want to keep it fairly simple, just flowy and comfy if that makes sense:)

Work in progress 'the embrace' 2

and it begins...  I didn't intend to co-ordinate the colours with my drink but hey.   I also didn't intend to use dark colours to do an outline but I instinctively did it and here we are.......

Work in progress 'the embrace' 1

It has been a while since I have created anything and today I was inspired the Chakra Mindset Oracle cards.