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05 August 2015

Work in progress 'inspired by autumn' 10

So I'm thinking I'm getting a bit uninspired by this painting.........mainly because it's taken me longer than I would usually spend on a painting..........no I'm not very patient.   So I must try and finish it very soon otherwise I run the risk of either leaving it as-is or doing a half a$$ job just so I can say it's done.   Lets see what the weekend brings.

02 August 2015

Work in progress 'inspired by autumn' 9

I thought it was time to bring out the brush and do the outline......think I was wrong, the background still needs some more work.  I think it needs more colour and layers so it's not so flat when compared to the body.  

Not the best photo but will try and take a better one when I work on the background. 

01 August 2015

Work in progress 'inspired by autumn' 8

I decided to put some green back into the body over the violet and yellow....and finally time for the background. One coat down but will try and darken it up and incorporate the brown into the leaves and body. Was lucky I did the background after the body dried so I could clean up and wipe the corners and edges....especially since I didn't use a brush.
Tip, Don't paint your nails the day before you finger paint:)