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Side note (Feb 2015): unfortunately I some how managed to delete most of the photos in my blogs. I have updated the gallery at the end but some of the blog posts are gone.

06 October 2009

work in progress 'mandala' 2

This is my initial sketch, yep just drawn directly on the canvas, one day I might learn the value of sketching things before I put them on canvas so I don’t have to rub things outJ . The hand ended up a little to the left so I then decided to put some rune symbols down the right side which I think balances it out and fit’s the mood of the pic.

18 June 2009

work in progress 'caramel' final

In the end I went for a very simple t-shirt design quoting one of the lines from the song. I think the lyrics are simple and beautiful and subtle unless you know the song.
Please have a look at an example of the final T in the bellow gallery or the finished t-shirt at: http://www.redbubble.com/people/apostle/t-shirts/3195744-2-dreaming-of-caramel

21 May 2009

work in progress 'caramel' 3 & final photo

These are some of my close up or cropped shots and one of these is now what I’m calling my final ‘caramel’ photo and I've loaded it below in the gallery section. Which one would you have chosen? It took me a while to pick one.

But…. I still want to do something else with the song, leaning towards a t-shirt design? So am going to keep these work in progress ‘caramel’ posting going and see where the song takes me.

20 May 2009

work in progress 'caramel' 2

Inspired by the lines in the song “it won’t do, to dream of caramel, to think of cinnamon and long for you” I’ve come up with these photos. Ok perhaps a tooo literal translation…..
These are some of the 40 initial photos, I think they need to be cropped and/or more close up???

18 May 2009

work in progress "caramel" 1

I can’t get the song Caramel out of my head so have decided that I would TRY and use as the inspiration for my next work in progress. Haven’t decided if it’s going to be a painting, photo or a t-shirt design (that will be done on Redbubble) but am starting to play with ideas in my head.
I’ve included the film clip at the end of my postings so you can hear & see my inspiration also.

19 April 2009

work in progress 4

I think it’s almost at the end and I’m playing with the idea of collage....mmm

18 April 2009

work in progress 3

As you see this pic is turning into a similar style to that of my picture bellow ‘Disassembled’, which I last tried in 2006.

16 April 2009

work in progress 2

I had added some colour to the prev background which I decided I didn’t like so the background is now black. I then wrote the below at the bottom of the canvas when the paint was wet using the end of a paint brush.

15 April 2009

work in progress 1

Thought I’d try something new, a ‘work in progress’ posting starting with this simple background and a phrase in my head being “who do you talk to when you don’t want to talk to anyone?”….. will see how it turns out