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20 April 2012

work in progress 'ipad doodles final'

This is my final (for now) ipad drawing. I think it's time to unpack my art junk and get my hands dirty again.

Just a simple picture I know but I like it. And now to put my favourite one below....mmm which one will it be?

05 April 2012

work in progress 'ipad doodles' 3

another ipad drawing, not the same style as the other this time. It was actually done specifically for an on-line green theme showcase as part of the Melbourne Painters Group Meetup but don't know if i'll use it for that (painters in Melbourne can have a look at www.meetup.com/Melbourne-Painters/) mmm I may have taken 'green' to the extreme.

23 March 2012

work in progress 'ipad doodles' 2

These pics I used the same style as the first but not as surreal I guess………..

and I do have a thing for strawberries so I had to draw one.....well I have drawn lots but lets not go there.

work in progress 'ipad doodles' 1

Having moved in the last few months I haven’t managed to unpack all my art paraphernalia but let’s not let that stop me. And though I’m kinda iffy at the thought (because it’s just not the same if you can’t get your hands dirty) I did pull out the iPad and started doodling around on one of the art apps which I found had some good options to draw in pretend pencil, oil paints etc.

This work in progress series will be of some of my iPad pics, most in a similar style and I’ll pick my favourite at the end.

This is my first picture that actually started as a doodle.