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06 February 2016

Work in progress 'women untitled' 6

I think I'm almost done.   After the lips I used charcoal to outline and also do to write excerpt of a 'past life meditation' session from a while back......writing from right to left to make it a bit abstract. Using charcoal I'll now have to put a clear coating on to make sure it doesn't smudge (a job for tomorrow).

The excerpt came from the following notes I took after the past life meditation session (which I've never shared with anyone before, so you know, let's put it on the internet):

"I look towards my feet, I stand bare footed on the grass but the scene quickly changes and my feet are now dirty and worn, standing on cold cobble stones.  Images keep flashing back and forth.  I am a young girl, long wavy blond hair, white dress, toga like.  Greek or Roman times?  For a brief moment there are others like me, relaxing, enjoying themselves and then it changes.  First I hear a dull raw and then I realise I am in a tavern of sorts, serving drinks.  Holding a big earn of water or ale.  It’s rowdy and dirty and many men around who grabbing at me.  Ordering me to serve them.  I think for a moment I am a slave girl? But I wasn’t always.  I was beautiful once and I was sold because of it.  I was coveted by men of means but they were greedy, dirty and untrustworthy.  The scene changes again, my hands are tied and I am walking along a cliffs edge.  I sense others near by, forcing me towards the edge.  I am the sacrifice, the beautiful slave girl.  And then I am falling. I am not scared, I feel like I am floating."

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